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In San Diego's East County, South Bay and Pacific Beach, there exists a piece of Americana that time almost forgot, the drive-in movie theatre. With multiple screens, state-of-the-art projectors, and San Diego's average 70 degree weather, these theatres offer the perfect night for families, cheap first dates, or for long-time lovers looking to rekindle their youth. Ticket prices are less than the multiplexes and so are the concessions. You can either buy popcorn and candy from the drive-in or bring your own.

South Bay Drive-in Theatre

Opened in 1958, the South Bay Drive-in Theatres shows two movies on each of its three screens. Movies are shown daily, year-round, and only cash is accepted. On each screen, movies are paired to compliment each other, meaning there is always something showing for everyone. And if you are looking for that unique item or gift, the South Bay Drive-in also hosts an outdoor swap meet on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. South Bay Drive-In Theater is perfect for the budget-conscious traveling family or for those looking to relive the glory days of the fifties with a movie under the stars.

Santee Drive-in Theatre

The Santee Drive-in in San Diego's East County shows movies in digital format on its two screens. Movies are shown daily 7 nights a week, year-round, and only cash is accepted. The box office opens at 6:30pm Friday and Saturday and 7:00pm Sunday-Thursday. All movies are broadcast through the FM radio in your vehicle, so it's good to make sure your radio is working before you go. They do have a snack bar and bathrooms located in the building in the center of the theater as well as portable jump kits for dead batteries, just in case...

Full Moon Drive-in Theatre

San Diego's newest drive-in is a modern version of the traditional experience. Set up weekly at the local middle school in Pacific Beach, the Full Moon is a third-scale model of the usual drive-in, with plenty of '50s ambiance. The screenings are all classic films chosen from the suggestions received via Facebook and Twitter. The Full Moon also offers in-car food service (just turn on your interior light and someone will come to take your order), a lounge area at the front for those who arrive via car but want to enjoy the movie in an outdoor setting, and live entertainment.

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