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2013 Annual Over The Line Tourney


Region: Mission Bay and Beaches
Date: July 13 - 21, 2013

Time: 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Recurs every Sunday, Saturday

Price: Free

Venue: Fiesta Island, Mission Bay Park
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1st Weekend - Saturday, July 14th, Sunday, July 15th
2nd Weekend - Saturday, July 21st, and Sunday, July 22nd
Play is from 7:30 am to dusk


Over the Line (OTL) is a bat and ball game played with 2 teams of 3 players each. The court is approximately 55' wide with foul lines that extend to infinity. Teammates pitch to their own players. Fly balls hit into fair territory without being caught are considered hits. The first three hits in any one inning scores a run with additional hits scoring additional runs for each hit. Games last 3-4 innings unless extra innings are needed for tie-breakers and after two extra innings, the team with the most hits wins. Also, if a team gets an 11 or more run lead, the game is over and they are declared the winner. Gloves for the most part are not used and only official wooden softball bats can be used. For more details visit the official Over the Line website link above.

Fiesta Island on Mission Bay, San Diego, CA - For directions, visit the official Over the Line website link above.

OTL serves as the primary fundraising source for OMBAC's year-round charitable programs. OTL is more than "beer, babes and bats on the beach." With worldwide competition, OTL began as a San Diego original, played by men and women into their 80's. It is one of the last pure Southern California traditions left untouched by commercialism. OMBAC is continuing to enjoy the respect and admiration of the community. Focused on serving amateur sports and youth athletics, OMBAC enjoys unmatched leadership. If not for the dedication of its members and the unselfish gift of their time, OMBAC would no longer exist. Any profits from OTL goes back into our community.

Admission is free, but guests are asked to observe OTL's "Five B Rules."

  • No Bottles
  • No Babies
  • No Bowser's (dogs)
  • No Birds
  • No Battles (Fights) or Boa's (Constrictors).

Bicycle use is limited as well. Please look for the designated bicycle parking areas to lock your bike up. Bikes are not permitted on the sand near the playing court areas. They can be a "health hazard" for the players and spectators. 

Please Drink Responsibly and consume alcohol only in the Permit Zone Areas.


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