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Sightseeing San Diego Bay on Luxury Yacht

2240 Shelter Island Dr
San Diego, CA 92106

Region: Point Loma, Harbor Island & Shelter Island
Date: December 1, 2014

Price: Varies by number of people.

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There is a great deal of history and things to see in San Diego Bay. From it discover by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, on September 28, 1542 the history of San Diego provides a compelling story. In days gone by it has had a whaling station and well as a Chinese fishing village we will show you thes locations. We provide completely customized tours with a personal hostess - Not standard loudspeaker tours.

In more modern times there is still lots of interesting stuff to see in the bay such as

  • Lots of wildlife (sea lions, birds, dolphins, whales etc.)
  • Military vessesls (aircraft carriers, submarines, aircraft etc.)
  • Commercial and private boat traffic
  • Lost of history
  • Coronado Bridge
  • Point Loma Lighthouse
  • Pacific Ocean

You will certainly have lots to see, hear and remember! On our website we have a map detailing some of the attractions you will see - just click on the location and an explanation of the site is displayed.


Whale Watching Tours - Whale Preparing to Dive
Expires: 12/31/14
San Diego is a great place to whale watch! We have both California Gray and Blue Whales in the area and it is breathtaking to watch and experience the grandeur of these magnificent creatures.
San Diego Speed Boat Adventures
Expires: 07/10/14
Save $10 per boat.