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By: Bike & Kayak Tours, Inc. - La Jolla

The Leopard Sharks are back in La Jolla. This species is found on the Pacific Coast and these leopard sharks spawn annually in the shallow water at La Jolla Shores. Leopard sharks migrate annually from the coast of California to the northern bays. They are distinctively marked with dark brown spots on a silvery gray background that resemble a leopard print. Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks or witness from the water on our stable sit-on-top Ocean Kayak rentals and tours In La Jolla. Don't worry they are harmless! The leopard shark is slim and has a small mouth, which is used to suck up invertebrates on the ocean floor. Although leopard sharks have small teeth, they swallow their food whole, without chewing. Leopard sharks feed on animals that live in mud and sand, like worms and crabs (not little fingers). Leopard sharks are totally harmless and we hope you share in the experience with our rentals. You are welcome to simply rent kayak and tour the area of La Jolla Cove on your own. We can point you out in the right direction with our water maps, and away you go. Please call to reserve your rental or tour appointment with us.

Leopard sharks produce eggs that hatch after extrusion from the parent shark, and they can reproduce up to 30 pups per litter. During the summer months thousands of leopard sharks can be seen from atop La Jolla kayak rentals and tours. The gestation period for leopard sharks is 10-12 months, and birth usually occurs in May, the Leopard sharks come into shallow water to give birth to live young. Leopard sharks usually grow up to 5-6 feet. These leopard sharks are harmless to humans due to their small teeth and timid nature. They are visible in large numbers cruising the shallow waters during summer and generally stay around through the fall. Leopard sharks can feel sound waves through pores in their skin. They also have a keen sense of smell and excellent hearing, so they swim away quickly at the sound of a kayak paddle moving in the water!

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Bike and Kayak is the largest kayak operator in La Jolla Shores. Operating for over a decade, Bike and Kayak provides tours and rentals of the spectacular cliffs and caves. Experience the thrill of ocean kayaking as we paddle along the sea cliffs and caves of La Jolla's Ecological Reserve and the nearby world famous La Jolla Cove.

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