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By: San Diego Museum of Man

The Children's Discovery Center (CDC) exhibit, Discover Egypt, gives Discovery Center visitors an opportunity for interactive, sensory learning about ancient Egyptian civilization, and about the role of anthropologists and archaeologists in the research and interpretation of the culture.

Experience royal and ordinary Egyptian lives in the 18th Dynasty. Barter in an Egyptian market, "navigate" a small boat on the Nile, and dress up in costumes of royalty or of faithful subjects.

Learn about the importance of the afterlife with a visit to a royal tomb. You can listen to the story of mummification told by the Egyptian god Anubis, and see a mummy adorned with scarab amulets, ushabtis, and royal jewelry. Also, decipher an ancient message in hieroglyphic writing located behind a royal "golden" throne.

Journey to a replica of a present-day archaeological field camp in Egypt. See and hear how scientists study, excavate, date, and conserve artifacts. Explore a stratified wall for ancient Egyptian artifacts, learn about the different types of pyramids while building one from wooden blocks, and discover all the different careers related to Anthropology through an interactive game.

Discover Egypt can help teachers meet state standards for science, social studies, and literacy. Kid-friendly labels that also appeal to adults will explain different subjects in the exhibit and encourage reading.

Financial support is provided by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture.

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