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Contrary to the popular perception that motor coach tours are for senior citizens or school groups headed for a field trip, motor coach tour operations of today offer exciting options for every age, a variety of interests and the convenience of exploring the city with knowledgeable guides.

If you want to explore San Diego by motor coach, there are several tours that are available to choose from. There are typically two types of vacations you can enjoy on a motor coach. The first is a destination trip, which takes you from another city to your destination with minimal stops. The second option is an escorted vacation trip, which takes you from place to place within the destination you are exploring.

To book a motor coach tour in San Diego explore the companies below that offer everything from exploring the San Diego's wine country, to party bus tours, ski charters and trips that even go into Mexico.

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A Smart Way to Get Around San Diego – Car2Go March 28, 2012 Written by Alison


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