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Adventures filled with sights and aquatic wonders.

A whole new world awaits just below the surface of the deep blue pacific, off the shores of San Diego’s coastline. With an average August temperature of 69 degrees, and a minimum February temp of 57, the waters of this coastal California city create comfortable conditions for scuba divers. Divers can enjoy a wonderland of exploration and discovery, with giant kelp forests and beautiful reefs that provide habitats for the varieties of sea life creatures and plants. Under San Diego’s sea, scuba divers are treated to a delicate underwater ecosystem that intricately connects the diverse inhabitants with varied environments.

Beach Dives

The San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Park stretches 10-mile long and 3-mile, where the depth plunges from beach entry to 900 feet. Just off of La Jolla Cove lies San Diego’s own aquatic Ecological Reserve, a 533-acre where all fishing and boating activity is banned.

Because many retired Navy SEALS and divers live in the San Diego area, the local dive ranks are filled with knowledgeable professionals who have spent more than their share of time scuba diving in local waters. They'll tell you that the best beach dives are available all along the La Jolla coastline, which serves as the hub of San Diego shore diving.

Boat Dives

For dive sites not reachable from shore, boat trips run almost daily to many local hot spots, leaving from Mission Bay and San Diego Bay. Trips vary in price from $50 for a half day's local boat dive to the $300 range for a shark-diving journey down into Mexican waters. No matter where one dives in San Diego, however, it's an adventure you'll remember long after you return home.

Browse the articles and listings below to create a scuba diving vacation that explores San Diego's giant kelp forests and beautiful reefs!

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